How to Become a Master at Public Speaking, According to The Guy Who Runs TED Talks
Elle Kaplan

Great abstract of his book!
There is one more thing I would add: Never forget that public speaking is an art and at some point also a matter of taste — especially when it comes to stage performance.

Keep that in mind when you are asking for feedback and don’t get overwhelemd by suggestions of how you should use your hands or how you should move around. If you are not exaggerating, then these things are not that important.
What is important, however, is to get feedback on your content. So when asking for feedback you’re first question should be: „Can you explain what my idea/ message is that I was talking about?“ If they can’t answer that in one or two sentences then you will need to work on your content and structure. 
Make sure that people actually get what you are talking about before you start collecting feedback on your stage performance. And then keep in mind that everyone has their own taste and don’t be afraid to stick to yours.