Assessment Task 1A

Light & Darkness

When researching and investigating various architectural photographers. I was able to come across a certain individual by the name of Ezra Stoller. Ezra Stoller was an American architectural photographer which captured images that defined Mid-Century Modernism, within all of Stoller’s images he was able to convey the three-dimensional experience of architecture through a two-dimensional medium. I was able to clearly connect my chosen theme of ‘ A contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light ‘ with my photographer as all of Stoller’s work paid attention to the vantage points and lighting conditions within specific areas as well as the minor details which further creates depth in his photographs with the use of lines, colour, form and texture.

With gaining inspiration by his work, I was able to produce four images which follow the same use of lights and shadows through specific areas within the science block. I was able to bring these techniques together and show how darkness and light worked together with the building to create depth in detail, as made evident in my third figure as the architect was able to work light and darkness together as he applied a mosaic texture on the bottom of the skylight in order for lightness to bounce off and allow more light in this room. With gaining more inspiration in his work I also was able to apply black and white in my images to show similarity within all my four photographer and allow the viewer to few the image in a rather different perspective, allowing the minor architectural features to show through and create a wow factor.


  • Esto Photographics Inc, 2017, Ezra Stoller, New York, Viewed on the 12th July 2017,< >
  • Christopher Reed, 2004, Ezra Stoller, Australia, Viewed on the 12th July 2017, >
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