When he missed you too much

There was a knock on the door. Hesitantly, you got up from the couch and moved slowly and quietly towards the door. You look through the peep hole and see him standing there. He was standing there with his hands fixing his hair, skinny jeans, and a muscle shirt that showed off his huge biceps. You wait to see if he’ll say anything, but he doesn’t. Instead he goes to knock on the door again right before you open it, causing him to fall on you knocking both of you on the ground.

“Shawn!!! What are you doing here?! I thought you were on tour!!” You question as his eyes meets yours.

“I missed you too much y/n. I couldn’t stand it anymore…so I came to surprise you.” He said softly.

“Well you succeeded…and you scared the shit out of me!! I thought you were a man trying to break in. It was just a few days ago when Ch-”

He cuts you off by kissing you hard, biting your lip as he pulls away. You wrap your arms around him and kiss him back even harder. He starts to kiss further and further down your neck, causing you to fill with excitement and anticipation of what this evening holds for the both of you. You let out a small moan as he bites the hickey he just left in the crook of your neck.

“Bedroom??” Shawn whispers in your ear.

“That’s what I was thinking.” You respond while biting your lip, causing him to smirk.

You wrap your legs around his waists before he cups your ass while lifting you up. He kisses you before he starts walking, then slips his tongue in your mouth exploring every inch of it. He starts walking upstairs, you guys never broke the kiss.

He throws you on the bed as he takes his shirt off. He crawls on top of you, moving his hands up to your breast. He teases you with grabs until he rips your shirt off.

“Let’s get rid of this, shall we?” referencing to your red laced bra, his favorite. He sneakily unclasps your bra and throws it across the room. Just as you put your hands by the bars of the bed…..he handcuffs you.

“No…Shawn…let me go!! Take it easy! I don’t think we are ready for this stuff yet! We’ve only been dating for 9 months!” You say, frantically struggling to break free knowing your now helpless.

He puts a cloth on your stomach and your mind goes wild. Your excited but scared at the same time. You’ve heard rumors of what he did to his last gf and it sounded like he’d be doing the same to you. He leaves the room to get some supplies. Now he’s out of sight. Just what you needed. You close your eyes to try to wake up from this crazy dream and you see him in front of you.

“Are you going to be good to me? No struggle? Trust me, I don’t want to do things the hard way, got it? Do ya trust me?” He asks in a low, but sexy voice that makes you cringe on the inside.

“As long as your good to me back, but take it easy on me!!” You say with sas.

He places the bling fold over your eyes and waits a few minutes so you would let your guard down and become unsuspecting. Shawn puts his cold hand on your stomach, making you gasp. “Shawn that’s not taking it easy on me.”

He ignores what you said. Deep down you know he has the same smirk he had on when you were talking on the floor. The same sexy smirk that he knows turns you on. Slowly, you feel a hand move down your stomach. Slowly, you feel you shorts come off. You hear them hit the floor. Slowly, you feel your panties come off. They were soaked by now. You hear them hit the floor too. Then come a sound. A sound of metal. He handcuffs your feet to opposite sides of the bed, making you look like the X in X Factor. He starts to take his hand from your ankle up. Teasing you with kisses on the way. Then he hits your pussy. He starts to finger it. You let out a soft moan as you say his name, causing him to chuckle. He picks up the pace and starts to create circles on your clit, going faster and faster each second. You say his name louder and louder. He tells you to shut up or he’ll go faster, but you can’t hide the sensation. You were just about to hit your climax when he stopped. You were breathing heavily, and now trying to get free from the metal leaving you helpless.

He caught you by surprise when he kissed your nipple, making them go hard. You know that turns him on. He starts licking around your bud, then lightly biting the nipple. Licking the bud, then lightly biting the nipple.

“Sh..Shaw…Shawn..quit teas..teasing.” you manage to escape from your mouth.

He stops, then pulls out something your familiar with. A little ball on a stick that moves simultaneously. A vibrator. It hits your clit and you let out a loud moan.

“I thought you were gonna take it easy on me Shawn!! WTF!!!” You exclaimed.

He smacked your boobs hard, squished your face with one hand, and softly, but firmly, said “I will do want ever I want, how I want, when I want to as long as your chained. Do you understand? And say yes daddy or i’ll take it EXTRA hard on you.” “Yes Shawn” you replied, wanting to test his limits and see if he was messing with you. You soon realized he was not when he turned up the speed and put it right on the top of your clit, making you moan and beg for forgiveness. He had no mercy for you.

He took off the blind fold so he could tease you with the sight of his cock. He then started to deep throat you. You moved your tongue in circles as you bobbed your head. “Omg y/n, have you been naughty and practicing with out daddy’s permission while I was gone?” Then he threw his head back. You know he’s getting close. You go faster and deeper. The it hits. He cums all over your mouth and face. You’ve done your job.

You’ve been so good that he let you go and you both collapsed on the bed. He hugged you and kissed you lightly on the forehead. “I missed you too Shawn. Now I see why you came home in that muscle shirt. Next time I’M wearing the shirt, not you.” Both of you smiled at each other. Now you got him under YOUR control. He got up to take a shower and found a surprise when he came back

You figure out what the surprise is.

Hey guys!! This is my first fanfic/imagines thingy, HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!!!! Don’t be afraid to send requests and shit like that!

Love you Shawn and no disrespect!!!