A series of fragments that build a whole is one of the techniques to film, which is a good way to view the different parts of city as in whole. In Marclay, Christian’s “The Clock” (2010) highly demonstrates the use of this technique. Marclay has edited different fragments to build “The Clock”, all of the fragments have got an element. This element appears in every single fragment, which is the clock with a time around 2:15 to 2:30 o’clock. Similarly, I have chosen the same technique to create my video. The element in my video is the crosswalk; the crosswalk will take us from one side to the other side. Sometimes the two different sides can give us a contrasting view of situation; therefore the crosswalk can be seen as a passage. In the miracle city we have various buildings down to the road, while we walk through the crosswalk we might find the distinctly images of the surroundings and get intense with the inspiration of the city. Moreover I have taken black and white as the colour, the purpose of that is focusing. The main characters are the movement and crosswalk rather than looking at the colour of the city, so the viewers can get less interruption while they are watching. The tools I have used to film are my Iphone and edited by Imovie.

Screen shot 1 The Clock (2010) — Christian Marclay, 0:41
Screen shot 2 The Clock (2010) — Christian Marclay, 1:40
Screen shot 3 The Clock (2010) — Christian Marclay, 4:04
Screen shot 4 The Clock (2010) — Christian Marclay, 5:23

My video


· Manoël Pénicaud, The Clock (2010) — Christian Marclay, YouTube, viewed on 3rd April 2017

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