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Architectural History and Theory:

OMA — Jussieu Libraries Wood Model

Rem Koolhaas and Greek architect Elia Zenghelis founded OMA in 1975. The precedent I used was the ‘Jussieu Libraries Wood Model’ made in 1993. I decided to replicate an above ground parking lot in Sydney but slowly developed more and more openness and support just like OMA did with the library. My first iteration is very closed off and doesn’t really look like much but as we go to the second iteration I use thick balsa sticks to let some light come in and show more light coming through. On the third iteration I experimented with wire while also using less material to make the space more open like OMA did with the wood model. Similar work can be seen in the fourth iteration where I only use the thick balsa sticks on the corners for support. With the last iteration I came to the understanding that it wasn’t something that OMA did with their design where there are multiple support beams around the entire building so I decided to use thin balsa sticks and cross them together for support making it more similar to the way OMA did their wood design. In conclusion my iterations are similar to the way OMA uses slabs and columns in their design while reflecting a carpark.

Jussieu Libraries Wood Model — OMA

Reference List:

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/2b/bc/d4/2bbcd4768646c3c78bfaebf3aa5c4043.jpg — [17/05/17]

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