A single Steadicam sequence shot that shows an atmospheric change or records movement

Alexander Sokurov is a famous film maker who is known for his masterpiece called Russian Ark. Russian Ark is a single 96-minute Steadicam sequence shot. The steadicam sequence shot is a film making technique. It’s one shot, one chance and no cuts during the process to show the change of atmosphere in every moment. Any error can cause a massive loss as they must do everything all over again. The idea of making a film with a single shot sounds easy and cheap to any producer. But the secret behind Russian Ark is that it took 4 years to arrange everything. 2000 actors and actresses where involved in this film. During my researches, I was inspired by the discipline and techniques they used to produce this masterpiece. There were an advanced group walking step by step alongside the camera man to record the voices and every detail of this film. The other technique is the background music. Sokurov used a live orchestra during the film and denied putting any music over the film. In my film, I used the same techniques and avoided to put any music over the film to make it look natural and related to his work.

Arshia Helmi Tabrizi. The Garden Building, Sydney 2017.


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