light is and light is not…

A study of Luisa Lambri

The City; A reality usually perceived in a state of distraction. Screens pervade our life, clouding our ability to receive information on both the larger and more nuanced scales. Luisa Lambri possesses a true skill in peeling back the white noise that distracts us from the beauty to be found in the small, the nuanced, and the intimate. Through her focus on banal, almost every day interiors, she is able to evoke a sense of melancholy, and drama; even in the most seemingly uninspiring locations.

To start, I lacked direction as I headed out in to the city, excitement at heart, camera in hand but nothing in mind. Unaware, the photograph I had templated was as follows:

Figure 1: Louisa Lambri, Locations (Houston: Menil Collection, c2004.)

Not having any real technique my goal was to capture an intimate moment from an everyday object and try mimic the emotions offered in the template. This, by in large was a fruitless endeavor.

figure 2: Chad Joseph Heilig
Figure 3: Chad Joseph Heilig
Figure 4: Chad Joseph Heilig
Figure 5: Chad Joseph Heilig

Continuing I decided more research was needed and I scoured the internet for images of her other pieces, trying to gain a greater understanding of the artist as a whole. I discovered that the common thread woven through her work is a real sensitivity to where light is, and where light is not.

Figure 6: Louisa Lambri Interiors (Madrid: Ivorypress, c2011.)
Figure 7: Louisa LambriInteriors (Madrid: Ivorypress, c2011.)

At first I tried to emulate one of her pieces verbatim,

Figure 8: Louisa Lambri Locations (Houston: Menil Collection, c2004.)
Figure 9: Chad Joseph Heilig

Soon I realized that I am my own artist and express this through my work accordingly; taking a different approach to the same idea. While Lambri excelled at creating drama with natural light, I was able to do so with Artificial light.

Figure 10: Chad Joseph Helig
Figure 11: Chad Joseph Helig

Soon after; through a great deal of trial and error…

Figure 12: Chad Joseph Heilig, Final Prototype

…. and a little bit of editing, I arrived at my final piece; “Lights Out”

Figure 13: Chad Joseph Heilig,Final Piece: “Lights Out”

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