30 Stars in 30 Days: A Prologue

My world travel has been centered around food for awhile. Example? “Hopping” over to Copenhagen from San Francisco because I scored a reservation to Noma before it closed — only to then add Faviken in northern Sweden to my trip because “I was already over there.” But if you had told me last October, when I was booking the first reservation (11 months out) for my upcoming vacation, that I would be dining at 30 Michelin stars in 30 days, I would have said you were crazy. But fast-forward all these months and here we see my vacation has now morphed into one epic foodie adventure.

In two and a half weeks I embark first to Spain, then Italy (the last is a surprise) for 3 full weeks of food, wine and culture. Where will I be eating? To name just a few:



El Cellar de Can Roca





Asador Etxebarri


Osteria Francescana

… and over a dozen more incredible restaurants all totaling up to 30 Michelin stars. They also can be found on the World’s Best 100 List with 4 in the World’s Best Top 10, 7 in the Top 50 and 2 in the Top 51–100. I’ll also be enjoying the wine country of Rioja and countless historical sights as I travel. Thanks to prodding from friends, I’ll be sharing my entire trip via this blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Lives (shared here for everyone). So if you’re a foodie or traveler like me, follow along and watch the star count rise.

Wondering how I snagged all these highly coveted reservations? I’ll share all my tips and knowledge next week. Wanna talk food and/or travel before then? Tweet me.