Let’s Start at the Very Beginning: Marc Fosh

Michelin Stars: 1

Day: 1

Total Star Count: 1

It’s finally here — my epic 30 Stars in 30 Days! I landed in Palma, Mallorca, well after midnight (sidenote — that airport is not my favorite) and my first meal was also my first star. I arrived for lunch at Marc Fosh to a warm welcome from his wife, Iris, who had been incredibly helpful and patient over email as I had changed my reservation day and time a few times (scheduling 30 stars in 30 days had it’s challenges — it was like one giant game of Tetris).

To my surprise and great pleasure, Chef Marc Fosh himself greeted me at the beginning of my meal. Chef Fosh is not only a wonderfully talented and accomplished chef, he is also the first English AND non-Spanish chef to earn a Michelin star in Spain! Unsure which tasting menu to choose from as they all looked awesome, Chef took my dining fate into his own hands and picked my courses for me. After all — Chef knows best!

I always let the Chef run my meal without any restrictions. While there are certain ingredients I’m not a fan of (and some I feel should die a fiery death, like brussels sprouts), I always try dishes as the chef envisions them. After all, I’m far from a professional chef (read: I’m not one), and I’ve been pleasantly surprised a few times. My first course at Marc Fosh was proof again to trust your chef. I generally have a major aversion to horseradish, but the beet “raviolis” filled with horseradish in my gazpacho were incredible. Quite the complementary blend of cool, sweet, with a little kick and very refreshing on a hot, humid day.

A second starter of prawns with sea bass and plankton jelly was another delightful thrill to my taste buds. Chef Fosh informed me that plankton (a type of seaweed) is becoming heavily farmed in Mallorca and exported elsewhere. He predicts it to be a “next big thing” in cuisine. All of Chef’s seafood is locally caught, leading to incredibly fresh dishes. The various textures were fun but not too overwhelming.

The rest of my meal highlighted more ingredients locally sourced on Mallorca. From more fresh fish served on a bed of creamy rice to lamb “raised by the sea,” it was a wonderful introductory course to Mallorcan cuisine. My two desserts also highlighted the farm-to-table movement here on the island with the first dish of orange blossom panna cotta, toasted strawberry sorbet and a hibiscus-strawberry leaf infusion that was so fresh one could drink it as a juice (confession: I almost did). I finished with a second dessert (because one is never enough, right?) of rich, dark chocolate “cremoso” with apricot-pollen sorbet. To say I was stuffed at the end is an understatement.

Service was relaxed, warm and friendly, and that atmosphere spilled over to the guests as well. Despite dining solo, two tables next to me struck up a friendly conversation. I firmly believe the environment of a restaurant is dictated by the Chef and how he directs his staff, so I must say “well done” and “thank you” to Chef Fosh for cultivating such a pleasant dining environment. It was an excellent first meal in Mallorca and an excellent way to start my 30 Stars in 30 Days.