Haute Cuisine, but Not Prices, at Adrian Quetglas

Meal #3: Adrian Quetglas

Michelin Stars: 1

Day: 2

Total Star Count: 2

By day two of my insane quest for 30 Michelin stars in 30 Days (and a few other great meals), I was already feeling how much of a marathon this is going to be. I’m laying some ground rules around lunches and alcohol, because my liver will not last if I do a pairing with every meal. Or even every day. Even a seasoned food traveler like me still has a few things to learn! But then again, this feat has not been done by anyone I know, so this seems to be uncharted foodie territory. #Traiblazer.

My third meal in Spain was also my second star — Adrian Quetglas. Chef Quetglas spent a decade working in Moscow before coming home to Mallorca. Chef Quetglas aims to bring high-end cuisine to everyone through his dishes, which is quite clear not only by price point but also by the restaurant’s laid-back ambiance.

My server was incredibly sweet and patient with my terrible Spanish, which I’m attempting to use as much as possible instead of English (as one should do when traveling in another country). He began my meal with a lovely mimosa made of cava and passionfruit before I dove into the five-course tasting menu.

Starting off the meal was a very light and lovely salmon with guacamole on a corn cracker. It was bright, had a variety of textures that played nicely together and gave me a feeling of refreshment (I’m melting in the heat and humidity here. It’s not pretty.).

Next I was served the very Mallorcan “egg” that I was first introduced to the night before at Tomeu. This dish had Chef Quetglas’ unique spin, of course, being served in a rich, creamy parmesan cream sauce I almost drank straight out of the bowl (but I kept it classy, don’t worry). At the risk of sounding bourgy, I want to mention Chef Quetglas’ truffle usage in this dish. I’m very picky about truffles; I find they tend to be overused, drowning out any other flavors in a dish. The touch of truffle in this dish was perfect for my own personal taste preferences, really enhancing the dish and not taking away from the star — the delicious egg and sauce.

The next dishes represented the sea and the land of Mallorca — a squid served in its own ink followed by black pork and mushrooms in a sweet plum chutney. Both dishes were rich (this seems to be the theme of Mallorcan food — not a complaint, just a realization) and I was sadly unable to finish both as my stomach was just too full. If this was in San Francisco I can tell you I would have requested taking them home for leftovers however!

Finally, dessert arrived — a light and airy strawberry melba that again highlighted Chef Quetglas’ strong understanding of complementary textures. Delicious, and not too sweet, it was the perfect ending for a relaxing meal on a hot afternoon.

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