Top 3 Places to See for Residents of 30A Luxury Homes

Top 3 Places to See for Residents of 30A Luxury Homes

Living in a 30A luxury home is a dream for many, with its fantastic views of the emerald green Gulf of Mexico, the fun and laidback 30A lifestyle, and its amazing location which offers relaxation, tranquility and convenience.

Whether you are a tourist or a new 30A luxury home owner, here are 3 top must-see places along 30A you shouldn’t miss:

1. The Pearl’s Hotel Havana Beach Bar and Grill

You’ll love the black and white photography posted on the walls of this amazing restaurant. They also have a 55-room ultra-luxurious beach hotel for those people who want to stay the night and spend time with their loved ones. The ambient music from the bar is perfectly synched with the relaxed sound of waves and the gentle beach breeze coming in.

The Pearl is great for romance, rooftop cocktails, after-spa treatments and relaxation. There are plenty of rooms here that boasts of a Hollywood Regency design. The village and view of the Gulf is very captivating.

2. WaterColor Inn and Resort

If you want to relax by the beach of Santa Rosa, WaterColor Inn and Resort is the best place. It’s the perfect spot for drinking cocktails and watching sunsets or eating French toast by the beach. It’s a popular venue for exchanging wedding vows, too. You can also spot famous celebrities hanging out here.

If you love to play golf, there is a golf range here that is perfect for both professionals and amateurs alike. They have 3 golf courses, namely the Camp Creek Golf Club, Origins Golf Course, and the Shark’s Tooth Golf Club. These golf courses have received numerous awards and are perfect even just for practicing your swings and putting.

3. Grayton Artists Collective

If you want to visit a laid back art museum and at the same time have fun at the beach, visit the Grayton Artists Collective at the Grayton Beach. Check out the art galleries, exhibits and the impressive mix of artists and media. The prints that can be found on large pieces of reclaimed wood and metal. They are both expensive and breathtaking.

The Grayton Beach is where free-spirited people come to relax on its fine white sands. The narrow roads going to Grayton beach are shaded by towering pines, moss-draped oaks, and southern magnolias.

If you are a new resident of 30A or are looking for available 30A luxury homes so you can enjoy these amazing tourists spots anytime you want, visit for more information on places to see and things to do in 30A.

Call me, Debbie James at 850–450–2000. Let me provide you with all the information and tools you need to make your dream 30A luxury home a reality.

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