Coffee, jerseys, caps & bags — oh my!

With early March and the opening of the pledge comes three joyful ways to outfit yourself (and your stomach) in the finest 30 Days of Biking swag. Let’s dig in!

The Rivet Light Roast from Bell Lap Coffee

That’s right, we have an official 30 Days of Biking roast, courtesy of Bell Lap Coffee. Wildly grown, this artisan-roasted coffee stands out, unique and untamed. Its notes are clean and fresh with an earth-toned, citrus flavor and a nutty, chocolate finish as it cools.

We chose The Rivet as our official roast because The Rivet is where we like to live — out there in the world on the edge of our saddles, trying our joyfullest to make some magic happen! The Rivet’s extreme caffeine helps, too, since our best rides start with coffee. And we crave that charged-up, ecstatic, sort of surreal feeling you get when you drink WAY TOO MUCH.

Enjoy your #30daysofbiking adventures, and your bag of these delicious beans. Now available at Bell Lap Coffee.

The 30 Days of Biking jersey and cap, now pre-orderable from Podiumwear

Returning to bodies everywhere in 2017, it’s Podiumwear’s official 30 Days of Biking team wear, including the “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” cap, the Bronze fit short-sleeved jersey, and the long-sleeved Merino blend jersey. These are guaranteed to get you smiles and thumbs-up on all your rides outside. We know from personal experience.

Our team apparel is now available to pre-order for THE NEXT WEEK at Podiumwear’s 30DOB storefront. Orders will ship in the middle of April. Get yours at

Protect your stuff all-weather-long with 30 Days of Biking packs!

Do you know what carries your stuff better than a Banjo Brothers bag? Nothing! Now slap a 30 Days of Biking logo onto that commuter-strong cutie and you’re good to go, all spring, summer, fall and winter. Banjo also offers this bag in white, as well as a canvas backpack, our official T-shirt, AND our evergreen Can’t Stop Won’t Stop spoke card.

Order now and make the bike gods proud at: