“What’s your logo mean, brah?”

30 Days of Biking
Mar 16, 2017 · 1 min read
You’ve seen this before, we bet.

We get asked this a lot, believe it or not — usually without “brah,” though. That’s your thing.

We’re pretty fond of that cyan XXX (no relation to Vin Diesel’s titular adventuresmith). It was designed by our friend Logan Ogden back in 2011, and at first we were like, “Where’s the bike? We need a bike in our logo!” But that designer wisdom prevailed and the XXX lives on.

Let’s go over its meanings:

  1. For starters, it’s the Roman numerals for 30.
  2. For seconders, it’s a Twitter hashtag. We started this on Twitter back in 2010, and the community that’s formed around it wouldn’t exist without hashtags. The hashtag #30daysofbiking brings us all together.
  3. Third, our favorite meaning: It’s a symbol of community and interconnectedness. See how those Xes are connected? They’re relying on each other. They’re encouraging each other. They’re probably high-fiving each other, we just can’t see it.
  4. Fourth, it IS a bike. A two-wheeled one with a rider on top!
  5. BONUS: It looks pretty good tattooed on your calf, in black not cyan, like a sweet chainring mark.

Good stuff. Thanks for listening.

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April 1–30, 2017 // Ride your bike every day in April and share your adventures online. Sign up starting March 1 at http://30daysofbiking.com

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