PCL silent floor actually remains silent

By Deenah Kafeel

Usually bustling with the sounds of students studying, the first floor of the PCL is deafeningly silent during the summer — you can literally hear a page turn from across the room.

As students return home, what are normally crowded buildings become scarcely populated, leaving an eerie atmosphere to those staying behind for classes, internships or research. Some students return to their original study spots, while others opt out and find new spaces around campus.

“I usually study at the PCL during the school year,” said Maria Rana, a senior psychology major. “But it’s depressing without anyone around during the summer. It’s really empty.”

As the library serving the largest number of students, PCL is open 24 hours during the week and staff has their hands full during the school year. With less student traffic during the summer, it closes by midnight and decreases the burden on staff.

“I’ve been doing more shelving and book searching this summer,” says Samantha Pavich, a front desk attendant and recent UT graduate. “Normally I’m working the front desk for most of the shift during the school year.”

Although there seems to be less people around campus, UT offers more summer classes this year than ever before.

“We offer at least 100 classes during the summer, most of which are at full capacity or waitlisted,” said Priscila White, Assistant Registrar in course schedule production at UT. “However, these are smaller class sizes to accommodate for the small amount of professors available.”

Because PCL can accommodate hundreds of people, students tend to flock there for group projects or tutoring sessions. With decreased use during the summer, the library closes earlier by midnight every day.