How To Sell Your Home Fast!

Ready to put your home on the market? Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you sell your Central Frisco house fast.

We will cover the importance of pricing your home right, strategic techniques of home pricing, how to choose the best listing agent, ways to get your home show-ready, staging, upgrades to consider that will move your house, and even home appraisals.

What price should I sell my home for?

When you are ready to sell your Central Frisco home, the first thing you should consider is the price.

Your home’s price is one of the most important components to consider if you want to sell your home fast. No matter how beautiful a home is, or what kind of market your home is currently in, if the home is not priced correctly, it will not sell.

Like many home sellers, you may be worried about pricing your home. Price it too low and you’ll lose money. Price it too high and it may not sell.

How then should you price your home?

This is where a great listing agent can help you. Your agent can prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA), a report that shows an evaluation of comps in your area. Comps (or comparables) are homes similar to yours in size, square footage, price, and age, that have sold recently.

Through the CMA, you get an idea of the average price of homes sold in your area, great in helping decide the home price you will set.

You’ll also have to check out the active listings, or the competition, of the other homes being sold in your area. There are many things included in the CMA that your agent will use to help you set your home’s price.

Do I need a listing agent?

Putting your Central Frisco home up for sale is not as easy as sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign in your front yard, especially if you want to sell your home fast. The selling process is not easy, that’s why you need to decide if you will get the help of a listing agent or sell it yourself.

Do you need a listing agent to sell your home? While you can sell your home on your own, there are many advantages to having the assistance of a real estate agent.

  1. Knowledge. Real estate agents study and get a state license before they can become a professional.

That’s not saying they know everything, but they likely know more than you when it comes to dealing with the market, contracts, and negotiation. Their knowledge comes in handy.

2. Convenience. Selling your home on your own means doing everything from pricing, marketing, getting it ready, staging, to open houses, all on your own. While that may be fun, it can also be challenging and exhausting, both physically and emotionally.

A real estate agent can make things easier for you. This is what we do for a living, and we have already learned how to cope with the many challenges involved in the real estate business. With our help, you can get your home ready to sell, without causing you as much emotional distress.

3. Experience. When you want to sell your home fast, you want the assistance of someone who has done it many times.

We have been doing this for years, so when we walk in a home, we immediately know what rooms need work, something you may not see. Our experience also helps us to be objective during the negotiation process, where many sellers get personal because they are emotionally attached to the home.

4. Dealing with contracts and paperwork. Do you love paperwork? Not many people do. Not all real estate agents do for that matter, but because we have been doing it for many years, we have become more efficient in handling contracts and other paperwork.

Your real estate agent is your new best friend if you want to move your home quickly.

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