Day 15~21

I read two books this week.

The first is a book called “夢をかなえるゾウ”. This book makes a comedy novel that is necessary to succeed.

I carried out the contents of polishing the shoes written in this book, cleaning the toilet.I hope this will be successful and be rich …

The second book is a book titled “自分を操る超集中力(Super Concentration to Control Yourself)”.

As the name implied, this book was about concentration.

To improve my concentration, I improved my posture, doing things one at a time, doing nothing at once, I was able to do it everyday.So I wanted to challenge.

This week I read books that will lead to my skill up and success. I want to make use of what I learned next time.

-Source -

夢をかなえるゾウ(飛鳥新社) 著者:水野敬也

自分を操る超集中力 (かんき出版) 著者:DaiGo