Day 8~14

I read the same author’s novel this week.

The author’s name is. Hiro Arikawa.

The reason why I read only this author ‘s book this week is because Ms. Arisawa’ s novel “阪急列車 (Hankyu. train)”which I read last week was very interesting.

Let’s introduce the book I read.

The first book is “海の底(The bottom of the ocean)”. This book is a content that fellows repel the huge crayfish that appeared on the ground.

The second book is a book called “空の中(In the sky)”. The content starts from the place where a mysterious life form appears suddenly at Altitude 20,000 meters.

The third book is a book called “塩の街(Salt city)”. This is a novel that people turn into salt.

What is common to these three novels is that one unreal phenomenon occurs in the real world. I thought that there is something to learn from such imagination.


海の底 (角川文庫 ) 著者:有川浩

空の中 (角川文庫 ) 著者:有川浩

塩の街 (角川文庫 ) 著者:有川浩