To read a book how will it affect us ?

It’s easy to create ideas, to learn communication skills, to enrich our expressive power, increasing your vocabulary and many others.

Especially I think that we can get various knowledge to read a book.

So I try 30 day challenge to read books every day.

Day 1~7

First week I read books that became movie and drama.

Those works are very easy to understand contents.

But there have difficult sentences .

For example 「彼は諧謔がない」 .

This sentence means “He has no sense of humor” .

It looks very easy, but I don’t read it !

Why could not I read it ?

Because this Kanji of 「諧謔」 is not used much by Japanese people.

I can learn that difficult of Kanji in this week.


忍びの国 (新潮文庫) 著者:和田 竜

阪急電車 (幻冬舎文庫) 著者:有川 浩

プラチナデータ (幻冬舎文庫)

著者:東野 圭吾