Special trip with precious person to me

Chapter 1~Precious memory with my best friend~

I saw a friend from high school in Tokyo. We planned to see each other at Shibuya in the afternoon, so I decided to reach there earlier, so that I could work on an assignment which deadline is approaching.

Actually, it was my small dream to study at the café in Shibuya while seeing a bunch of people passing by at the scramble crossing. Every time I visited there, I imagined how interesting it was to see its scenery.

The Art in the Starbucks coffee
Nice art at the Starbucks

Then, I entered the Starbucks coffee located just in front of the crossing. Feeling excited to enter, seats which could see the nice view were fully occupied, unfortunately. But I could get a seat at a quiet place which had nice modern artwork nearby. Usually, I do assignments at the library or university, but I noticed it’s also a good choice to study at a café where there is moderate noise.

One of my friends from high school, Mao, and she is precious to me. After we took different directions, our lifestyle, way of thinking, and appearance changed greatly compared to when we saw each other for the first time. What she has seems very different to me, or even nearly opposite for some part.

I felt a little bit sad to feel its gap with her, just after we graduated from high school, but now I enjoy that, as she shows me something new every time I see her. This time, her hair changed into gold!

The entrance of fancy second hand clothing and accessory shop, with Mao

After enjoying shopping at Shibuya for about 1.5 hours, we moved to Koenji. You might think, why did you go to such places which seem not so popular compared to Shibuya all the way? — The purpose is to buy second hand clothes. My favorite actress said that she loves collecting second hand clothes in her photo essay a few years ago, and I had been curious to buy one.

Many fashion accessories and goods were sold
Many of them were imported products from China, India or Poland and so on…
Very Western style!
Many exotic clothes

It was really exciting trying to find the one that I got favorited in, and it made me feel like finding a treasure. It was also exciting to imagine what kind of person was wearing them.

This shop has 3 floors

I noticed that the store I entered was selling clothes and accessories which were imported from foreign countries, and I found many products which said “Dead stock”, then I understood their super high price. I will visit there again, maybe next year, when I will be afford to buy one.

Very small, but very tasty ramen shop
Ramen shop called “Tsuyamaru”

I’m not sure why, but every time we hang out, we always eat ramen. We entered a Ramen shop called “Tsuyamaru”which is small, only about 10 people can be there at the same time, but it made a nostalgic atmosphere.

Mao with cute smile

After continued enjoying shopping, we went to Izakaya — Japanese style pub near the Koenji station. We talked a lot, never run out of things to talk about.

Chapter 2 ~Trip to Kasama~

I went to Kasama to see my aunt with my dad and grandma. It had been a while since I saw her, so I was so very looking forward to this day.

Beautiful countryside landscape in Kasama, Ibaraki prefecture

Kasama is located in Ibaraki prefecture, rich in nature as the picture shows. It look about 2 hours to get there by a car. I thought this is nice spot to enjoy driving.

The moment I get out from a car, I could feel fresh air and beautiful landscape.

Old folk house style café, “Kasama Snow Milk”

This is a café is where the special shaved ice, called “Kasama Snow Milk” is sold. As you can see from this picture, this is old folk house style. There is not just a café, but also we could buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which were domestically produced, and used in the shaved ice, too.

Cute looking strawberry flavored shaved ice

There were many options to choose from, so it was hard to decide one, especially for me, indecisive person. Looking at my confused attitude, kind uncle suggested me to share…! Then, I chose this strawberry taste, as it looked cutest.

Melon flavor looks gorgeous…!
My father chose — Coffee flavored shaved ice

What this shaved ice makes special is its texture — they were so fluffy! Once I ate, it melted quickly. It was like a cotton candy. They looked voluminous at the first look, but not so at all actually, because of their fluffy texture.

After that, we went to the uncle’s house, and spent time together by chatting, watching TV, and having lunch. The uncle and her husband will came to my house next month, so I want to take them some nice places in my hometown.

Chapter 3 ~Beach in Choshi~

I met a friend from high school at a beach in Choshi. Her name is Ayuna, she is 2 years younger than me, and we had belonged the same brass band club. We had not seen each other for more than 4 years, so it would never happened if she didn’t find me on the Instagram, and send a message.

Choshi Marina Beach
Ayuna with beach

Both of us live in Choshi, so we decided to go there. Soft and comfortable sea breeze with this such a nice weather made me feel relaxed, and also reminded me how lucky I am — being able to go such a beautiful nature whenever I like!

White post — Mail connect all over the world —

This is a famous “White” post in Choshi. it is believed if you send a letter from this post, you would be successful in love!!

Popular relaxation place for animal, too!

Walking along the beach, I found a cat. It seemed that she was also enjoying this magnificent landscape. There are always calm and not crowded, so ideal place to get rest.

That’s all of my recent trips with my precious people. They were small and short trips, but what I gained by them are much bigger than that they actually are. I will never forget these amazing memories forever.



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