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Original Image Source: “Family Computing”, 1988

by DS Bigham, Consultant with Boilerplate Digital

Y’all. We need to talk about the all-in attitude for the “anytime, anywhere” employee. While it may seem like a boon to worklife, when we move away from an in-office, 9 to 5 culture, there is strong potential for employees (“teammates”) to be abused, with work bleeding into and eating away at their non-work lives.

Typically, the narrative is something like this: the humble employee of days gone by, chained to their desk, enslaved by the wall clock ticking the hours until 5pm, buried under hundreds — if not thousands! — of emails, toiling away in a tiny sector of the company, no voice of their own. How pitiful they are! How grey and depressing under those fluorescent tubes! …


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