Random Shots

image source: weheartit

“Why New York?” Removing my gaze from the nearby building, I looked at you. You’re not looking at me.
“Why not?” Still not looking at me.
“Don’t I deserve a better place? Like, I don’t know, Paris, Seoul, Matera-”
“Romantic shits?” You looked at me. One eyebrow raised.
“Uh, yeah?”
“You don’t like romance. You even hate flowers.” You started tapping your thighs.
“I like flowers!”
“Only when your friends use it as a background when taking your picture.”
“No offense.”
“So, that’s the excuse? Me, not being romantic. That’s your excuse for not bringing me to a sweet place?”
“No, honey. I just know what you’ll like. Really like.”
“And that’s New York?”
“Or Manila.” You said matter-of-factly.
“I’m now reconsidering your stand as my potential better-half.”

You started laughing. Shoulders raising. Shoulders dropping. 
Obnoxiously. Handsome.
I would’ve jump to your lap and kiss you right then and there if only you’re not annoying.
“New York is something, you know? Crazy people, skyscrapers, cars, robot pedestrians… very noisy, very.. uhm… What’s that word again? The one that people your age use to describe something visually satisfying nowadays?”
You’re just 15 years older than me. “Dope? Bomb? Artsy?”
“That. Artsy. Very artsy. Very smart. Very promising. Very fast. Very diverse. Very alive. Very you.”
“Now, you’re comparing me to a city. I can’t believe it.”
“I’m just pointing out the similarities, babe”
“So, New York?”

“Yes, New York. We’ll go to the Empire State. I will kneel there and formally ask you to spend your life with me.”
“That will cause a scene.”
“Well, it won’t hurt to be famous for a day.”
“We’ll get married.”
“We’ll live in an apartment that we can only afford to rent for 4 years.”
“We’ll drink tea every morning”
“We’ll smoke weed every night.”
“We’ll walk around every day because taxis are expensive. We’ll be very tired”
“But we’ll still have the energy to have sex every dawn.”
“We’ll live by pizzas”
“And burgers. With fries.”
“We won’t have kids.”
“Hey, hey, hey. I want a son!” 
“Relax. I would love to have one too but, that will ruin this badass Manhattan narrative.”
“Okay, we’ll just get a stinky dog then.” 
“Let’s continue. We’ll repeat clothes.”
“We’ll wear each other’s undies!”
“I’ll be a bouncer on a nearby club.”
“I’ll be a waitress on the same club.”
“I’ll be a part-time street musician”
“Because our combined salaries will never be enough for us.”
“We won’t live in luxury.”
“Oh boy! You did not just say that. You can’t even leave this unit without your IWC!”
I’m now laughing.
“Oh, it’s fine.”
“You must be kidding. We’re going to screw our lives!” I can now feel the hot tears.
“Stop laughing.” You cupped my face then started wiping my tears. I’m still laughing.
“Are you kidding? This is gold. Even in fantasy. You’re fine with screwing your life!”
“I repeat, it’s fine. Even if that will be our reality, it’s fine.”
“I swear, it doesn’t really matter.”
“You. Without IWC. Living in Manhattan. Screwing life.”
“Me. Without IWC. Living in Manhattan. Screwing life?”
“Now, it sounds funnier.”
“Me. Without IWC. Living in Manhattan. Waking up to your face. Sleeping to your face. Eating with you. Working with you. Showering with you. Walking with you. Living with you.”
“Yeah, basically screwing life with me” I said between laughs.
“No, my beautiful.” You’re smiling. “That’s living a priceless life with you.”