It’s always darkest right before the dawn of the apocalypse or the dawn of the beginning of an impossibly difficult time or perhaps the dawn of the continuation of an already impossibly difficult time or maybe actually it’s just regular dawn? The type of dawn that’s been happening since the world was created, or at least the sun or the concept of time or whatever?

Anyway so: if anyone is reaching out looking for hope that anything can happen, that perhaps our reality isn’t the only possiblity, that like… maybe the institutions we’re so used to can falter… look no further than “Black Beatles” surpassing “Closer” in the charts, to which Halsey tweeted, “after 12 absurd weeks at number 1, Closer has finally fell to number 2. thank god. i was starting to worry i was living in a simulation. RIP”

But also maybe look further, cuz like, the world is bigger than the Billboard charts.