This is an official website page I created for Aiyinfa, an iPad/iOS APP offering elder people use games to make their mind more healthy and
prevent the Alzheimer’s. Aiyinfa wants to ensure that customers see them as trustworthy, intelligent, sophisticated, modern and accessible.

Target Audience

Aiyinfa’s target users are over 30 year-old people,who would like to prevent the Alzheimer’s and practise their mind . They are usually health-conscious phone-users.

At the same time,Aiyinfa’s customers are always some young people will pay for their parents to help them become healtier not only in body but also in mind.

Competitive Research

I researched Aiyinfa’s competitors on Google. The domestic market is still in the wilderness.But there are five international market leaders , Brain Resource、CogState、Emotive、Lumos Labs and NeuroSky.Also three listed companies are Cambridge Cognition、Cogtate and Brain Resource. Peter thiel’s investment project( are analysised.

Below’s pictures are a brife look of their main competitors’ homepage.

Aiyinfa’s Competitors

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