User Research

To better understand the existing system, I analyzed the Keep on TV, and other competitive products (eg.FitTime and 火辣健身). To better understand the user needs and narrow the focus of my project, I observed three people finish tasks that I designed, including finding a class for a specific assignment. Following the observation, I interviewed them based on what I have observed to get more qualitative data. After this research, I found there are serious problems in the homepage and group collaboration and decided to focus on these goals.

目前 App 结构
Redesign Keep App结构


  1. Redesign the structure layout to make it easy for users to understand what keep offers.
  2. Visually leverage this page to make it more clear, cleaner, and appealing.

Hi-fidelity Prototype

Based on the research and goals above, I created some Hi-fidelity prototypes.

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