Reaserch & Analysis

Competitive analysis

1.Search “best sports apps”, “top healthy apps” ,diet,sports everywhere.(google、pinterest、apple store and etc)
2.Download every sports and healthy app from app store
Thanks to my 32G iPad, I downloaded almost 150 healthy apps and after deleting some unusable/extremely crappy ones, I finally keep about 60 of them on my device.

After 60+ apps occupy my iPad screens?
1)Play with them. 
2)Categorize them. 
3)Get a list of the best apps (including apps with very good content, layout, interaction, apps have some special/creative features, and apps address a pain point very well…)

Domain Research

To better understand the industry and market, we had:

  • 70 publications for literature review
  • 4 service expert interviews

Field Research

To get better empathy for customers,we did our field research on the internet:

  • 398 survey responses
  • 3 service call listenings
  • 16 customer interviews


Then we read some articles, reports, and other literature sources. It was clear that these resources provide much info and insights. In these paper, I learned:

* Where do they get exercise?
* What exercise do they often do?
* When do they do exercise?
* The situation of sports app’s use
* What is the biggest problem when people do exercise


After brainstorm, we had some wild ideas. According to the survey,we finallily dentify the pain points.
We have a pretty good idea what people want, what people hate and what people do not care at all (if we target those area, the features won’t move the needle).
Some of the pain points are:

My schedule is too irregular. I have to catch up when I can.
My work is busy,I don’t have time to do exercise.
The apps are boring,I cannot insist on it.


STEP1:VR run

Design Insights

1. Tracking users’ physical activities and steps, competing with other people and using a reward system to achieve certain levels of activity could increase user’s motivation and desire to do more physical activity.

2. Walking can be a successful method for college students to reduce stress while balancing social and academic life.

Some of My Design Sketch

STEP2 -4

According to preliminary accumulation of users ,we want to improve personal health database and make customer personalized fitness&diet plan.

Final Pitch

Everything was ready. We put together our final prototype along with the bussiness blueprint and gave our client an 15minutes presentation. But we had way more than 1 hour to tell. We wrote down all the details into one books (of course well-designed).

In the end,VSPORT with full report for people’s sports & social promotion, won First Prize among 100+ projects.

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