Hi Ethan, thanks for reading my article.
Daniel Genser

Hi Daniel, just read a big part of your article on leaving the JWs. I believe what you said about them getting honor/power/ , says it all about that religion. An honest heart cannot stay with that group forever. But, satan is real, just as God and Jesus are. They, the JW leaders succeeded in doing Satan’s will for you. Jesus loves you, me, everyone, and wants His people to come back to Him. I’m not as smart about history as you, or just not as smart. That is not “flattery”, God gave you your smarts. But, pride, often, gets in the way of Truth. GOD DID have people killed for His purpose to come about in the future,, this will maybe appear to be a simplistic view for you, and maybe you’ll think I’m missing something here, like justifying meanness by our Creator, ... But HE knew what all people will eventually do, and His main reason for ‘everything’ was to eventually bring about Jesus to be our Saviour. I used to not read the Old Testament much, it’s hard to take in. But, now i see it for what it is, history of people before Jesus, they were brutal, God did get rid of certain people, for disobeying Him. They weren’t satisfied with what they had, so they make false gods out of gold, they build towers, ( they were onto something,) God did not want them to finish what they started, so He confounded their language and scattered them. You were given so much twisted info and controlled so totally, that instead of turning to a loving Godafter leaving that evil religion you turn to man, how smart we are, how great we are.. God is the Great One, satan is real, JESUS is our only Salvation,. Love is stronger than anything!!Gods love.. You didn’t come from nothing.

Another possibly: you are still working for the evil JWs. Just trying to find…?