About “Just Keep Folding”

The author Jodie showed that she was a curious and determined. In her writing she mentioned she was curious about the Japanese legend and experimented in how small she can make a crane. She was also determined to make 1000 cranes because her first tries ended poorly and she just kept trying ignoring the failures. She did a good job of showing what kind of person she is instead of saying I did that and I did this.

I find this essay interesting by how she weaves through her obstacles to achieve her goal ( her quest ). I like how she is willing to experiment with different sizes of cranes she makes, and how she shows her character through folding 1,000 paper cranes.

I imagine Jodie is creative, and is willing to take risks. I also believe she has perseverance and is highly motivated. In short, I think she is a kind, and caring person who can turn her failure into a positive learning progress.

About “In Pursuit of the Sublime”

The author Kayleen first showed that she wanted to be a different person, to be Hermione Granger instead. But her mother suggested Cho Chang because she was not like a book worm she was more like Cho Chang not confident than Hermione Granger. She did not tell that happened and this happened and what she did, she mentioned who she was and who she wanted to be. She showed what she what wanted and what she knew about herself.

I find this essay interesting to read because she writes and states every stage she is in, who she wants to be, who she is really like, what makes her feel important and what she think matters in life. But later on she writes what she truly is in the real world not on paper.

I imagine Kayleen is a sensitive person and wants people to see her as an important person. I think she is very courageous because she is not afraid to mention what she was then; she writes what is real to her instead of writing something sublime to impress people. This essay shows a journey of her very personal growth.

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