Pray For Our Pacific Sabbath

During the 3rd and the 11th of September, the Pacific Climate Warriors called on communities across the Pacific region, and beyond, to come together and Pray for our Pacific. Communities in 23 countries responded by organising more than 12o pray for our pacific events. The events were non- denominational and open to interpretation, and while we are so grateful for everyone that organised an event, we wanted to share with you highlights from the campaign, the rest can be found here.

Check out some of the photos from the Pray For Our Pacific events.

Tarawa, Kiribati

The Kiribati Climate Action Network lead a combined service that saw community and youth groups from across the island come together in prayer and conversation. The gathering was held in the Betio Nippon Maneaba.

Kiribati #PrayForOurPacific event

Apia, Samoa

Over 20 events were registered in Samoa with them all taking place over the past weekend. Pray for our Pacific signs and posters were held up across Samoa and its islands with the main group taking the message down into Apia on the 10th and sharing the message at the countries Teuila Festival. Samoa’s biggest annual celebration.

While the children of their youth group (in Vaivase Tai — Samoa) held up signs of prayer and calling for action on climate change. Church leader Mona Tugaga said, “Today our community were involved with our Pray For Our Pacific Campaign, Climate Change is a matter of concern these days for our future generations”

Young Samoans learning about climate change in their Church.

Sydney, Australia.

“We shared our stories and brought into the space all that is important to us. We gave thanks, and in our hearts and in our minds, were the people who needed our prayers the most. We are just one tiny part of a spiritual and powerful global movement and in knowing that we are connected to you all!”- Joseph Zane Sikulu at the Pray for our Pacific event in Sydney.

Pacific Islanders in Sydney.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Fiji.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva, Fiji was the venue for a very special Pray for our Pacific event. The Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy (ECREA) lead the organising for this event. The evening included a special Prayer by Caritas Australia and also included National Level Church Heads from 13 denominations in Fiji- the Salvation Army, the Diocese of Polynesia Anglican Church, LDS, Coptic Orthodox Church, New Covenant, SDA, Fiji Evangelical Fellowship, Church of God, Apostle Gospel Outreach Fellowship International, Decalogue Ministry, SDA, Gospel Church, City Baptist Church, Catholic Church and the St Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Heads of Church National Levels
Caritas Australia prayer shared by ECREA

Brisbane, Australia

Friends of the Earth, Rize for West Papua, Fossil Free UQ, Brisbane Solidarity Group, 350 Australia, as well as members of the Brisbane Community formed a prayer circle at the Picnic Island Green in South Bank, to pray for the Pacific Climate Warriors and all their work in the Climate Movement.

Pacific communities gather in Brisbane, Australia.

Honiara, Solomon Islands

350 Solomon Islands recently organised two separate events for Pray for our Pacific.

One at the Wesley United Church in Honiara where the congregation took a moment of Silence before the Minister offered a prayer to those living on the front lines of climate change. Followed by a service dedicated to their brothers and sisters across the Pacific who are taking action on climate change. This service was also broadcasted live to the entire nation.

Their other event was at the Solomon Islands South Seas Evangelical Church where they had a combined youth service praying for people whose lives have been affected by climate change, and all the Pacific Climate Warriors, standing up for the Pacific.

Combined Youth Service at the Solomon Islands South Seas Evangelical Church

Alofi, Niue

The Alofi Ekalesia Youth and Girls and Boys Brigade, got together to talk about climate change, climate impacts in their island homes and what they can do to help build the climate movement in the Pacific, and globally.

“It was so touching to see all these young people coming together to discuss such important issues and think about where to next. Our Pacific Island bond is so strong and we can make so much difference when we stand together.”- Clemensia Talo Sioneholo, 350 Niue.

The Alofi Ekalesia Youth and Girls and Boys Brigade
“We cannot build a Pacific Climate Movement without engaging our faith communities. Faith is pivotal to our people, and like the ocean, it connects us. In the face of the climate crisis, we need prayer to carry our people and faith to build resilience.” — Koreti Tiumalu, Pacific Coordinator.

Follow the work of the Pacific Climate Warriors and see what they have planned next.