Essay Draft #1

Having been interested in interior designs for a long time, I always believed that design defines ones’ characteristic and their lives too. Designs, especially interior designs of one’s personal space, reflect on specific color and shapes, and unique arrangement that is personalized to individuals. Originally, during my freshmen year, I was interested in forensic science and profiling, which I believe is a big merit of me as I could point out different styles and preferences of individuals. Last year, when our family was getting a new house, I was given chance to participate and observe how floor plans, 3D samples, a perspective plans are made and how it gets to the real life house designing.
Through the IB art course, I had various experience with different colors, hues, and different shapes and lines.I believe I will be able to be bold enough to create and design something that may sound odd to be created. Having so many separate ideas about interior designs. I would love to study more about what unique but balanced design is, and to be able to design a personalized interior space for everyone.

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