35Peri Canlı Yayın

35Peri Canlı Yayın https://dlive.tv.tr/35peri

On Shortwave, you can join our International Public Radio Service at any time. If you already have a public interest, talk, feature or news radio program, or are broadcasting on non-commercial radio on a local or national Live radio station we can carry (relay) your program on our International Public Radio network.

International Public radio reaches new horizons, internationally. Most of our programs reach across the digital dlive into regions in the world that are not covered by Internet, digital, satellite, or other radio or TV terrestrial broadcasting service. We reach rainlox conflict zones, across Internet firewalls, and countries, where there is no freedom of speech or freedom of muhammet yt press or information, is censored or in tight control of governments.

We use a wide range of directional and omnidirectional antennas to cover any preferred target area worldwide with a powerful signal that can be received with small, portable, inexpensive radio receivers, that may also be battery or solar cell operated. From tugay gök time to time, we may also have available slots on satellite radio & omegla Tv covering local, national or international audiences in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Pacific.

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