Virtual Reality Marketing Hype, The Pros, The Cons and The Promise

Virtual reality marketing is starting to be promoted by all businesses today. It is such a hype and offers so much for the future that everybody’s already immersed in it.

The Virtual Reality Marketing Hype

You’re in a “basement” inside a VR Game. Clothes hung around here and there, and there’s a lot of unnecessary equipment by the side, a creaky wooden floor, and you can hear a dog barking and a girl screaming. You go further ahead, and there’s a huge, dark pit in the basement and a young girl probably in her teens trapped inside it. You see her but she doesn’t see you. You get all these scary, frightening vibes. All of sudden you hear your mom shouting “Dinner’s ready!”

And then you take off your VR headsets and realize you’re still in reality. You were just watching Silence of the Lambs on your VR headset.

You and your business partner are discussing some important issues concerning the marketing of your product while playing golf. You swing your club, and it’s a miss. Your business partner laughs about your swing and it’s now his turn. He swings and the club hits the ball, and the ball flies through the air in a perfect projectile and falls a few inches near the hole. You’re amazed by your business partner’s golfing and it all creates a good atmosphere to continue talking about your business.

After you’re done talking you take off your headsets and you are all of a sudden at home in the most congested part of the city and your wife brings you both a hot cup of coffee after you have had a good VR golf game and after all your topics have been pleasantly discussed in the golf arena.

Being in the same place yet being in another place is such a mind blowing phase of technology that virtual reality marketing had to become a hype.Several companies are starting to invest in virtual reality, one among them being Facebook. Facebook spent nearly $2 million and bought Oculus to explore the world of social VR.

VR Pros

The pros are the reason why virtual reality marketing is a hype. The pros are that you are taken to another world without moving from your house. You are teleported to wherever you wish. Outer space, Super Mario land, Narnia, wherever. Virtual reality is being used everywhere. The applications of VR are numerous. In the field of education, in the fashion industries, in the entertainment industries, in the field of sports, medicine, engineering, astronomy, everywhere. People are starting to see the importance and hence, are starting to invest in this business.

They’re all hoping for virtual reality marketing to become a big thing so that demand increases and it gives the manufacture and production companies a stimulus to make more of these virtual reality headgears and other equipment. The virtual reality industry has so much to offer, and it is still only in its development stage. The future has a lot more in store. For those who are invested in this piece of technology, you will not be let down. You will get a good ROI. Investing in virtual reality is a good decision, the business will only go forward.

VR Cons

Virtual reality is obviously making socializing harder. It is brilliant for social media and social networking but once again, it doesn’t encourage face-to-face talking and mingling. People are already too dependent on social networking sites. Virtual reality just makes it more convenient for them to stay home and talk over another one of technology’s doings. Cyber security crimes and identity fraud can be committed once social networking VR projects are put into action. Cyber crime creativity can be amplified to the next level using virtual reality. The gear is expensive and it cannot be afforded by everyone. It is also heavy and has sometimes caused motion sickness and disorientation.

The Promise

Like mentioned earlier, virtual reality is still in its development phase and has a lot more to offer in the future. A lot of effort, time and energy is being put to make virtual reality sophisticated and convenient. There are hopes of exploring the world of nanotechnology for VR, to upload your brain onto a computer network system and become part of the virtual environment. The VR industry also promises for it to become more physical. It is not only going to be your mind that’s in the virtual environment. It is going to be the full human body. With data gloves and sensors and controllers, they are going to make it more physical and scary in the future.

Facebook is trying to map the full human body, it’s movements and actions so that interacting with other people over social networking can come closer to realism. It’s a goodbye to video conferencing and skyping because why would you want to just look at each other’s faces on a laptop screen when you can feel like you’re sitting right next to the person that’s thousands of miles away? Conferences and meetings would become so much easier and powerful.

Imagine seeing a realistic 3D image of a file instead of displaying it on the TV screen. This would change so many things especially in the departments of civil engineering and architecture. Viewing the scaled model of a building or a park would make it so convenient and realistic. Virtual reality is going to give us another world in a world that we are already living in. It is going to give a new dimension to life and everything in it. Virtual reality marketing is going to be huge.

Everyone rallied around the PC gaming industry and now we have what we have today,” said Frank Azor, general manager of Dell’s Alienware. Virtual reality and virtual reality marketing is an industry-wide effort. It is not just one company, but all the companies together are trying to make it a success and are using it to shape the future.

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