5 Fascinating Furniture for Your Home

Are your rooms looking a little blah? You don’t have to go full renovation. A short cut to a style upgrade is to select and position one or two “statement” pieces of furniture and use them to inspire other design tweaks, employing plants, candles, colorful throw pillows, mirrors, and dramatic lighting. For example, if you find a unique, hand-painted Japanese chest of drawers at a thrift store, you could use it as a sideboard in a living room, dining room, or foray. Then gather accessories in similar colors and style to place around it.

So, when you’re out and about at shops and thrift stores, keep an eye out for a bargain on a fascinating piece that could be the star of a room.

1. Bright Lime Green Sofa

Green is the best color, hands down. It’s the color of growth, vegetation, and money. Lime green is great team player in a number of color combinations, so it’ll be easy to create a gorgeous color palette. Look for a vintage style of sofa like a chesterfield.

2. Rustic Entry Table

If you’re handy, you could build this yourself. Pick up some old, distressed looking wood pieces at your local re-use store and assemble in a simple style. Or check out Pier 1 or World Market for a long narrow wood table. Bright accessories and little glass baubles look great against this rustic design.

3. Rolling Beverage Cart

I’m all about fancy cocktail set ups. A rolling bar cart in stained wood or brass and glass is great for everyday drinking and before and after dinner drinks. And how fun would it be to roll around a cocktail cart loaded up with martini glasses and shakers at your next party?

4. Ladder Shelving

This is just cool. A big wood ladder leaning against a wall with cute little plants, candles, and vases on each shelf. It’s fun to play around with different combinations of colors and sizes of objects. And the long, diagonal length of the ladder draws the eye up and makes the room seem larger.

5. Hanging Basket Chair

I’ve always wanted one of these. They’re so unique and unexpected indoors. Create an irresistible reading area in an empty nook or corner, preferably near a window. Imagine how relaxing it will be sit with a great book and a cup of tea, gently swinging near an open window.

Quick Design Tips

Here a few ideas to give your rooms a quick design boost:

  • Go with the flow: Rearrange the furniture so important features are not blocked and there’s a natural traffic flow.
  • Lovely vignettes: Professional designers often create photo-shoot ready “lifestyle vignettes” in each room. Tell a story with a few interesting pieces of furniture, a plant, and a candle.

· Design around focal points: Set up conversation spots in the living room with little tables and candles. Then put a large plant like a fiddle-leaf fig in a corner with a spotlight behind it.

· Attention-grabbing accents: Strategically place small plants like succulents, wrought iron lamps, and silver mirrors and trays around a room.

· Outside inside: Create a natural flow through the house with potted plants, flowers, and cuttings tied with ribbon or raffia.

· Pops of color: Deploy accent pillows and candles in purple, teal, lime, and/or light yellows. Then put a vase of red flowers or a colorful picture above the mantle.

· Glass baubles from thrift stores: Antique trays with glass dishes, cups, and candles set a comfy mood.

Good interior design is often about thought, cohesion, and intention. A few creative pieces of furniture take the starring role while small, colorful accessories and antique fixtures play the supporting cast.

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About the author:

Michelle Roebuck is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. After spending more than a decade as a journalist and on-air personality in radio and TV, Michelle moved on to marketing and PR. She has a deep background in retail and food service merchandizing and operations. As a marketing manager for food services in a large suburban school district, Michelle learned the intimate details of kitchen management and the critical importance of safety in all aspects of operation. Michelle is married with two boys and enjoys exercising, shopping, eating out, watching football and traveling with her family.