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Today‘s technology is disrupting one industry after another, sometimes even creating new industries in the process. Like the taxi industry by Uber or Amazone with e-commerce which has disrupted brick and mortar retail and groceries. With the technological innovations, we see today many industries will eventually be disrupted. We can in a sense, say that in this age there will be an Uber of everything. I recently ordered a delivery meal and it was delivered by Uber Eats. What will the next “Uber” disruption be?

The coaching industry looked at from an inside perspective, being a coach myself and having lots of coaches in my network, is lagging in its adoption of technology. While technology has even moved beyond “Uber” into the blockchain revolution, the coaching industry still uses outdated methods. Old school back and forth emails and printed out forms to fill in are still common practice in the coaching industry. Although there are apps and cloud-based solutions available, they haven’t been widely embraced by the industry.

The problem with the coaching and personal development industry as a whole is that it isn’t regulated with universal guidelines like the blockchain and crypto Wild West. Anyone can call themselves a coach and the different methods out there are not regulated. When is a coach or a company qualified and which criteria do we use? People looking to develop themselves or looking for a coach rely on mouth to mouth or commercial advertising. It’s not common practice (yet) to rate coaches, coaching sessions and coaching methods. The review and rating systems that do exist are not reliable and can be easily manipulated. Certification is another problem in the industry. Very few accreditations exist and the methods that use certifications are usually outdated. In most cases, there’s no way for a client to verify whether their coach is really certified or not.

The most important thing however in coaching, personal development or any other field for that matter are results. At this stage of the coaching industry, there’s not really an easy way to measure results in a way that’s objective and authentic. The ability to demonstrate measurable results is one of the trends that will redefine coaching, according to Forbes.

What will set successful executive coaches apart from others in the coming years is their ability to demonstrate measurable results. Savvy clients will only choose executive coaching organizations that can clearly demonstrate how they helped their coaches move the needle. Pre- and post-360 interviews, structured feedback and other tools will be used to quantify and qualify results.— Loren Margolis, Training & Leadership Success LLC

The 360 Tribe Platform.

Let’s talk solutions and how we see the 360 Tribe Platform role in this. First of all the platform will be a place for anyone to develop themselves by learning everything that concerns their personal growth. It will have the tools you need inside your profile. Things like a planner, goal setting tools, reminders, visual, audio, and even kinaesthetic solutions (more on that in a future article). Aside from the tools, you’ll be able to find the right coach and method for the issue that you’re dealing with. You can search for a subject and you will receive all relevant results of content that are related to that subject.

Authors, coaches, courses, events, and webinars that deal with that issue will come up and you get to see the results and ratings that they got from previous users. The ratings are all on the blockchain as are the certificates of the coaches and grades of the students. Meaning they have been verified and are authentic.

Like we said earlier, the thing we want and what counts the most are results. People will be able to select methods, coaches and courses based on the results they get. The platform will filter out the good from the bad and will ideally become the quality mark for the industry.

That’s our vision for the 360 Tribe platform.

360 Tribe

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