Day 100 — Introduction to Ethics

Previously in the series we discussed some aspects of one of the branches of philosophy called epistemology, looking at how we know what we know. another is the field of ethics.

Ethics is essentially philosophical inquiry into behaviour — what is good, what is bad; along with how to behave, the consequences of actions, and morality.

Is there a right way to act in a situation, or are we faced with different choices that could all require different decisions depending on circumstances — and how do we judge which is best, or worst?

Ethics involves questions such as what makes for a good character, if we have certain obligations or duties and why? Are there differences in how we should treat humans to animals, and animals to plants?

In many ways, we can see how ethics has practical applications in the world, and it’s a subject that often overlaps with fields like law, science, politics, arts and so on.

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