Day 11 — Exercises — Identifying Arguments

Today I have some exercises that you can do — classify each of the following passages as a description, explanation or argument.

1. In about five years time, Marie will reach her full height.

2. Vegemite is an awful food, because it damages your clothing when it falls on you and is used to confuse tourists.

3. All the high schools in this town teach critical thinking.

4. The excellent exchange rate makes holidays in New Zealand a good idea.

5. Water supplies from the dam are becoming scarce, so we have to think of ways that we can save water.

Then — write out five examples of words / phrases that are:

* inference indicators

* conclusion indicators

[Answers — tomorrow!]

Here’s some useful websites that can take you through some more examples:

Identifying inference indicators; Distinguishing reason and conclusion indicators and Identifying conclusions.