Day 135 — Documentary Resource Art And Copy

Art and Copy (2009) is a documentary I found during the time I was studying graphic design; not long after I finished the series Mad Men. Where does art and advertising meet — if at all?

As a film, it’s structured around discussions with some of the most influential and long-term advertising professionals and the campaigns they’ve worked on, failed with and often succeeded with in the end. The investigation into their efforts to make a brand famous or a sales pitch for a product, also delves into their inspirations and personal background — such as Phyllis Robinson and Mary Wells, who worked during the 1960s ‘Mad Men’ era, tell about their campaigns for Clairol and Braniff Airlines. Or how the Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign came to be, designed by David Kennedy and Dan Wieden.

Yet despite the multi-million dollar budgets and the sometimes larger-than-life talents like Tommy Hilfiger, this is a measured and interested investigation into what goes into making not just a creative work, but a convincing and eye-catching, and eventually product-selling campaign.

As the director Doug Pray wrote: ‘Ultimately, I hope “ART & COPY” inspires artists and writers to strive to make more meaningful, more entertaining, or more socially uplifting ads. With so much advertising surrounding us these days, it would be great to get that 2% figure a bit higher.’

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