Day 185 — Fallacies Revision III

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Today’s fallacies for revision, with links to previous podcasts:

  1. Every dog has a good day, so that dog must be part wolf if it isn’t having a good day.
  2. While it’s true that murderer is on the run, we have to consider the safety of the local wildlife as a priority for the community.
  3. We found that the people in the group with pimples were also were eating chocolate, so chocolate and pimples must be related.
  4. It’s been said that murders on the island were always committed by outsiders to the community, so it must be an outsider who did this murder.
  5. You heard the noises while we were talking about ghosts, so ghosts must be causing those noisy disturbances, because they didn’t like being talked about.
  6. No one is arguing that the beach is unsafe but what about the state of this carpet?
  7. Apparently the villa is haunted so it must be the reason why you hear noises at night.
  8. The best weather is on the island so you must have gone to the wrong island if the weather was bad.

Answers on the 365 Days Of Philosophy site tomorrow. Put your answers in the comments!