Day 194 — Argument Revision Exercises II

Answers to previous exercises can be found on the Patreon site — answers for today’s exercises are out tomorrow too at To review deductive arguments, you can review the previous entry from earlier in the year here.

Determine whether the following are deductively valid arguments or not.

  1. It stands to reason that Joe Bloggs must have graduated from university. All the senators graduated from university, and Joe Bloggs is in the senate.
  2. This is a pipe, it’s a brown pipe, therefore it’s not going to work as well as a blue pipe.
  3. Either we trim the trees today or mow the lawn. We don’t have equipment to mow the lawn, so today we’re trimming the trees.
  4. The mouse was in the house, but it was also seen in the garden. Therefore we’ll probably find it over in the houses next door.
  5. If clients can’t make medical payments, then loan repayment companies will run short lending them money. If loan repayment companies run short of money, they can’t help out new businesses. If new businesses can’t get financial help, they’ll not get started. Therefore, if people can’t make medical payments, it’ll influence unemployment rates.
  6. So, the phones aren’t working because it’s Thursday. Usually the phones work fine because they’re turned on, but only on the weekends do they turn off.