Day 209 — Argument Mapping Exercises

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For the following, identify the conclusion and the type of argument — serial, divergent or linked.

a. You can either go to the party or go to the beach, and since you’re not going to go to the beach in this weather, you’ll be going to the party.

b. Why would anyone associate with such a bunch of snobs? They’re not good friends, as they have terrible taste in music which they play loudly even though you said you hated it, so they do it on purpose. You would be better off finding new friends. Besides, your so-called friends said they weren’t going to associate with you again.

c. The library was locked and empty when we entered. No creature could be escape a locked room. So, the cat could not have been hiding in the library.

d. Visitors rarely pick the flowers. You cannot say that picking the flowers is always what visitors to do. Therefore, you can’t put up a sign saying that visitors are responsible for missing flowers.

e. My original plan was $70 billion in spending with a $40 billion contingency that was part of the original plan, in order to have that money available for tax rebates. I hope that we could do it through spending, and here’s why: I don’t want to necessarily open up the tax code while we’ve got Republicans in the Senate who are going to try to come back and open up making Bush’s tax cuts permanent. — Hilary Clinton.

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