Day 254 — The First Cause Argument

God, it can be claimed, is the creator of everything — God is the first cause, and yet in putting forward this argument, you can see the issues that come with it. Firstly, what do we have to support that God is the first cause? Why must the first cause necessarily be God?

It’s possible that there is a source of creation; there’s a theory about the Big Bang for example, that the universe expanded from a very high density and high temperature state is comparable. In 1951, Pope Pius XII (12) declared that the Big Bang theory did not conflict with the Catholic concept of creation even. However, a theory about how the universe began does not necessarily mean that it is true of God. And even if you propose that the ultimate Creator must be a being that exists outside of time, an eternal being with neither beginning nor end — then how can that be? We are also still posed with the problems of how such an almighty being allows for misfortune, evil and trouble to exist.

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