Day 269 — Fallacies Identification Passage VIII

For the following examples, identify if there is a fallacy being used (there may not be!) — and which one it is. Answers tomorrow on

  1. My mother told me that the minister could turn bread and wine into Jesus’ body and blood, so the minister must be able to do that.
  2. She says she’s an expert in the subject, so she clearly thinks she’s an expert in everything, so we should treat everything she says with doubt.
  3. We noticed that the people using Pelicaa cleaner in the oven had more eczema, so we should have restrictions on Pelicaa cleaner on the basis of health risk.
  4. The poster has a clown on it; I find clowns scary, so the movie must be about scary clowns.
  5. Either the murderer is in the building, or it’s someone who isn’t outside of the building.

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