Day 28 — Questions for Extended Answers

Here’s a few discussion questions (and these can be extended answer questions):

  • Is certainty about a belief the same as knowledge?

Considering that a belief can be true or untrue, does confidence about it guarantee knowledge? What do you need to characterise something as knowledge?

On Certainty — Importance of Philosophy

Certainty — Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? — Edmund Gettier

  • What are the characteristics of a priori and a posteriori knowledge?

A Priori and A Posteriori | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  • What are the characteristics of justifiable beliefs?

And here’s a question I raised earlier — do your opinions change after learning more about what defines knowledge?

  • Does knowledge equal virtue?

Further resources that I’d suggest checking out include:

· Using philosophical terms in an essay — Monash University

· Skills for writing in Philosophy.