Day 316 — Fallacies In Debate I

Analyse the following debate and identify how well the debate unfolds — are there any fallacies involved, and what are they?

BORIS: Graffiti isn’t art; damaging property is a crime and it’s a blight on the city. Let’s face it, art belongs on a stage or a gallery, otherwise it isn’t art.

DORIS: If this kind of art was legal, then perhaps we would have less snobs like you and better art! Artists should be allowed to express their art without being censored by their choice of canvas and way of communicating their ideas.

BORIS: I don’t care what you think — you’re just want to make excuses for law-breakers and if we had your way, burglers would have free reign over our streets. If I see something like this, I’m going to paint it over and report the creator to the police. We already limit sales of spray cans and this is why!

DORIS: I don’t think I’d paint it over, because isn’t that doing vandalism on top of vandalism if it isn’t your wall in the first place? If someone did something good, then maybe they could be encouraged to do work where it is acceptable to the public — just look at Banksy, aren’t they famous now?

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