Day 339 — Overall Fallacies Revision IV

Here’s all the major fallacies covered this year on the 365DaysOfPhilosophy:

weasel words, slippery slope, appeal to authority, straw man, argument from ignorance, shifting the goalposts, post hoc ergo propter hoc, appeal to popularity, ad hominem, tu quoque, cum hoc ergo propter hoc, anecdotal fallacy, red herring, no true Scotsman fallacy, begging the question, hasty generalisation, false dilemma, and reductio ad absurdum.

See if you can identify some of them in the examples below:

  1. People in the environment lobby probably just worry about stepping on ants, and let’s face it, that’s what pro-environment arguments are really on about, ant-stepping.
  2. They were talking about ant-stepping the same time they were going to the environmental meeting, so the environmental meetings must be all about ant-stepping.
  3. They were talking about ant-stepping after going to that environmental meeting, so environmental meetings must be about raising awareness of ant-stepping.
  4. You’re worried about the environment, but I don’t see you worrying about ant stepping! Isn’t that part of the environment too?
  5. We’re meant to care about the environment, but I don’t see the President talking about the environment, so it mustn’t matter as much.

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