Day 365 — End Of The 365 Days Of Philosophy

Jan 1, 2018 · 1 min read

This is it! End of the series. For the Patreon subscribers, there’s an index to the main posts of the podcast and I’ll be sending out a pdf version in March.

It’s been a busy year, busier that I intended. I started a PhD, I lost a much loved pet, and adopted a new one. I travelled across country three times (podcasting throughout, as you may have noticed) and taught classes in a variety of subjects.

As a radio broadcaster, I presented about 40 shows and podcasted with the Talk the Talk show (around 40 episodes too). I presented a few live shows, contributed to more philosophy resources than the ones here and was inspired by conferences and talks nationwide. I stayed home more often than went out though, I think. There’s a number of events I missed due to health reasons and that’s a good sign that things need to slow down for a while.

It’s time for a break. If you have any further questions, get in touch via tokenskeptic at gmail.


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