365BinaryOptions Best Mobile App

Sep 28, 2016 · 4 min read

365BinaryOptions Best Mobile App

Binary options trading, being such a relative newcomer to the trading scene, is one of the first truly 21st century forms of investment. It doesn’t require as much money as other, older forms of investment, doesn’t require access to a trading floor, doesn’t need expert stockbrokers to do the trades, and is much more accessible to people all over the world. All you need is a computer with Internet access, a few hundred — or even dozen — dollars to start with, and a willingness to learn about the world of trading in order to start profiting.

But one of the biggest advantages binary options trading offers for a modern, up-to-date citizen of the 21st century is the convenience. The ability to trade on a computer already makes binary options trading accessible for many people, but when you add in the possibility of doing this on your smartphone because it’s simply a smaller, portable computer, there’s an unprecedented level of convenience that enters the equation. Desktop computers simply aren’t portable, and laptop computers are bulky and not easy to simply take out and use at a moment’s notice.

However, being portable, while a big perk, is not the last and final word in mobile trading. If you’re going to trade on your phone, you want to do it right, and that means having a dedicated app. Here’s why this is an important feature to have.

All Software Is Not Alike

All trading software is, as the name implies, programs designed to run on a computer. However, trading software is usually designed first for traditional computing systems like desktops and laptop units. This means that the usual configuration is a fairly large screen, with access to a full keyboard and mouse. That type of interface is very efficient for normal work and computing activities, but when you take that exact same program and try transferring it over to the small size and touch-based interface of a smartphone, it makes for a lot of problems. The much smaller screen, for example, now crams what was used to be looked at on a 12 inch screen or larger, and puts it in a much smaller space, making it difficult to read. The ability to quickly type out words or numbers in different fields using a mouse and keyboard becomes cumbersome with a virtual keyboard and touch screen.

In other words, trying to use a desk/laptop interface on a device never designed for it is a bulky, clumsy experience.

Our Solution

This is why 365 Binary Options uses TechFinancials trading software as the basis of its normal desktop, web-based trading software. It’s a powerful, robust program that gives users a lot of flexibility when it comes to making trades, and is versatile enough to handle binary options trading and other forms, such as Forex trading. It’s a great platform for people that want an easy, responsive system on which to conduct safe, secure trades.

However, even we have to acknowledge that the web-based, desktop roots of the program can make it difficult to use on smaller devices, which is why we’ve got a mobile app of the software that does all the things you want from a full-fledged desktop user experience, but smoothly transitioned to the form factor and unique interface demands of a smartphone.

The 365 Binary Options mobile trading app doesn’t just allow you to make trades directly on your phone quickly and easily, it lets you track your progress. It has a lot of functionality, letting you hop onto your account and look at your financial data, make withdrawals or track transactions. It also has tracking features for aspects of the market that you’re interested in, so you can keep an eye on how a certain currency or stock is doing if that’s where your trading interests lie.

If you’re not the sort that wants to constantly monitor the market, but doesn’t want to miss out on trading opportunities, the mobile app can even provide notifications to let you know when that trade you wanted to make is coming up, or other reminders to pull you back into your trading only when the time is right, rather than demanding your constant monitoring and attention.

Perhaps most reassuring of all, the app is also a “direct line” to get customer support or field questions about trading directly from the 365 Binary Options staff. This gives you the security of knowing that if anything ever goes wrong, or you need help with a trade or transaction, someone from 365 Binary Option is always there and ready to provide help to make the experience smoother and solve your problem.

Every tool has a time and place. When you’re sitting at a desk, there’s no question that a traditional computer program for trading has no equal. But when you’re on the go, it’s nice to know you still have an easy way to conduct your trades.

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