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Mar 15, 2017 · 6 min read

You may have heard about binary options trading and how people are working from home to make a little — or even a lot — of money for themselves. That all sounds good, but if that’s all you know about this form of trading, you’re likely to want to learn a lot more. Binary options trading can be a lucrative way for people to make money as a supplementary or even full income, but only if they learn about it the right way, and go on to make trades with a reputable broker.

So if you’re here, you might be interested in learning more about binary options trading, but how do you start? Who and what are the reputable places to go to get reliable information so you can make an informed decision about whether binary options trading is for you? We have a few options listed here, including:

We’ll go into more depth about each of these options.

Structured Learning

Obviously, different people will have different preferred methods of learning. Some people are more independent and, given the choice, would rather chart their own course for which topics they study, when they study, and how much of it they choose to use. Others may feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of having to lay out their own course of studies, and are more comfortable with having the content paced out by experts that build one piece of knowledge on top of another. Both forms of learning are valid for either studying — or creating — your own binary options course, and there are different ways to go about figuring out which one is the best for you.

Binary Options Forums

For people that prefer a more informal way of learning, looking at different binary options forums is one fast way to get specific information from a number of different sources and viewpoints. This requires doing a bit of self-directed research. There’s more than one binary options forum, and they have different levels of activity, and even a different feel as far as the tone of behavior goes.

However, one of the best things about taking a “binary options course” through a forum is getting access to people with many different experiences offering their own views. If you go to the “newbie” or question area of a binary options forum and lay out which concepts you want more explanation of, you can get a lot of great, free answers that are specifically directed towards you. This means that rather than reading course material that may not quite answer all your concerns, you can put those concerns at the forefront and get a direct response.

The possible risk or downside to a self-directed binary options course conducted this way is that results and quality may vary. An experienced binary options trader answering your questions, can save you day or even weeks of studying. But your questions and concerns may go unanswered or, worse yet, get uninformed or incorrect answers from people who are trying to help, but may not be qualified to do so.

With the binary options forum choice, there is both risk and reward, but for a certain type of student, this is all worth it.

Binary Options Courses

If you want something that’s more structured and will go over the basics of binary options trading, there are full-fledged courses out there that can teach you more. The best part is, many of these courses are actually free, and don’t take a lot of time. Like binary options forums, however, you’ll need to do a bit of searching.

A quick Google search will reveal quite a few choices that people may have. However, because these courses are free, you can’t expect too much from them in the way of comprehensive teaching. You’ll likely get an introduction to the basics, but the free nature of the content means that you’re more likely to be reading a series of articles, or perhaps an eBook. Don’t expect seminars and actual coursework, as might be normal from a paid online degree, or other form of online study where there is certification at the end of a study and exam period.

On the other side of the spectrum are paid binary options courses. And while you won’t get a university degree at the end of such a course, you can still get a valuable education. These courses, due to the funds involved, are quite a bit more comprehensive than the free courses. Some of them offer a more traditional “virtual” classroom setting, in which you can communicate with teachers through video conferencing, or interact with other students in designated chat rooms. This gives you a much more structured way to learn, but still gives you the freedom of asking your questions and getting specific answers, as you might on a binary options forum.

However, the real value of a more comprehensive binary options course is access to the ability to practice. Rather than just reading about binary options trading theory, you get a chance to do some of it under a more carefully supervised environment. For some, having access to the ability to trade while debating the pros and cons of trading strategy with both students and teachers is an invaluable learning experience.

Binary Options Brokers

Another worthwhile option for binary options courses that smartly economizes on your choices is to go with your binary options broker and learn from them. Different binary options brokers cater to different clientele. Some deal with experienced traders, and are “no frills” in the sense that all they provide is an intermediary between the traders and the market so that traders can simply conduct their business.

Other binary options brokers understand that this is a very new form of trade that opens up a lot of financial opportunities not just for the business savvy, but for everyone. These brokers take the time to educate their clients so that they can start taking their first steps into binary options trading in a safer, more productive and profitable way.

Because you are opening an account depositing money into a binary options broker system, some of these brokers also offer structured classes similar to what you would get from a paid binary options course. This means that you have access to a wealth of different learning materials, from short articles to full on eBooks. You can also get bit more access sometimes to video tutorials, or even actual interaction with trading experts.

Depending on the broker service and type of account you have, you may even get privileged access to pick the brains of the trading experts on a regular basis, or participate in video conferences with others. All of this is entirely dependent on the broker service and how far they go to educate their clients. You’ll need to do a bit of homework in this regard to find the one that meets your needs the most.

Know Yourself & Do Your Research

Ultimately, the decision of which binary options course is going to work best for you hinge on just how well you know yourself. If you understand what your learning preferences are, then the first step should be to find those binary options courses that actually offer their education in the way you prefer. Look at these choices, weigh them carefully, and then start narrowing the choices down to a manageable amount.

After that, the next, and possibly most important step is doing the right research. This is especially true if you decide to go the paid binary options course route, or choose to learn from a broker. There are many resources on the Internet, including binary options forums and scam review websites that can offer additional information on what a particular course or broker is like.

It’s essential to try and find both the good and the bad, in order to get a balanced view. If you see nothing but good things about a broker or online course, you should be careful, because no company is perfect. Even if a company does a good job, sometimes the way they do things is not compatible with another customer’s preferences and that would be reflected in a negative review. Of course, if you also find nothing but negative reviews and nothing positive, that’s a big red flag as well.

Your biggest priority should be your own financial safety. Whatever you do, stay away from scams. Reviews online and word of mouth from other traders on a binary options forum may help in this regard. There are also telltale clues from the services themselves. If they ask for the type of financial information that would allow them access to controlling your accounts, do not give up this information. While legitimate binary options brokers might need an account number in order to deposit your profits, or a credit card number to accept your own deposits into your trading account, anything that goes beyond this may be a scam that is trying to steal your identity and seize control of your accounts, and that’s a bitter lesson that no one should learn.

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