You don’t need my help

Everyday I get asked to “help” people. That might be … meet for coffee, look at this idea, introduce them to someone yadda yadda yadda.

I too have done my fair share (read stalking!) of asking to meet people and on a few occasions I did meet some incredible people and I asked for their help or advice (pitched 365cups to them) etc.

I have always left these moments feeling a great level of appreciation and the only way I felt to really respect taking these incredible peoples time was to actually put into action the things they suggested.

Other times I have sat in a room and heard people speak — from Jodie Fox years ago at google and just recently Tammy May at #runtheworld2015 conference.

Jodie talked about making time for a coffee with aspiring entrepreneurs and I took that on board and have ever since made time to have a coffee with someone. Tammy May talked about priorities in business and as soon as I got back to the office the team and I sat down identified our priorities and will always work on our priorities first before all the other “stuff”

(for more Jodie Fox gems subscribe to her youtube channel)

Everyday I am inspired by Jo Burston and Samantha Wills and after Lisa Messengers visit to Wagga (and my office) I have more knowledge and tools in my tool box. I still have a soft spot for Ruslan Kogan — our photo is still my screen saver on my iPhone, he is so much fun, smart and savvy, he can do anything including hacks on opening coconuts (so much lol)

What I am getting out their is heaps of amazing people sharing their hot tips and advice, I have never come across an entrepreneur who doesn’t pay it forward.

Any who enough of that.

I have wanted to write this post for so long and have never really been about to articulate all I want to say (you can probably sense that) but this morning I thought about it like this …

Having an idea is like having the winning numbers to Lotto — so awesome and exciting, possibilities are endless, but if you don’t put the ticket on, and every week you dream of winning lotto but never play — well you will never win!

So you don’t need my help with your idea, you need to #startnow and take some action, go to your local BEC — look at the IP Australia website, register your domain name, research business models, follow every blog — IG — linked page of every business and person you admire, they will share their expertise with you.

And when you have started, and you hit a hurdle or a road block, don’t be disheartened keep going and then reach out to your network of people and ask for help and advice, because I can help you or point you in the right direction when you have a problem but when you have an idea and it isn’t even started, there is nothing I can do.

So as the saying goes “just do it” you have nothing to loose!


ps — Richard Branson blog post coming when I can figure out how to make sense of that incredible moment!

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