Best Spots for Trekking near Bangalore

Adventure and trekking has been a highly passionate activity to people. The youths of this generation are so much enthusiastic about adventures that they are ready to go beyond any places, without worrying if it might be dangerous. Being a nature lover it is obvious for them to spend some time in a peaceful place which is bound by nature and keeps them away from the hustle bustle of the city. India has been one of the major spots for adventure trekking and south India has one of the topmost trekking areas. Especially, trekking near Bangalore is very much fascinating to people because the places are so much natural and contains an ethereal beauty.

Trekking Near Bangalore

Night treks in Bangalore

The night trekking in Bangalore and very exciting and doubles up the adventure. The treks are started late night, from around 10 PM, and concluded in the morning after breakfast. Several activities like bonfire and games are held during the trek.

Bangalore trekking spots

Sidara Betta

Sidara Betta is around 90 kms from Bangalore and 35 kms from Tumkur. The place is surrounded by rocky lands, boulders and natural caves.

Sidara Betta

Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is located around 123 kms from Bangalore and is one of the most popular trekking spots near Bangalore. The place is situated in Pandavapura and is surrounded with rocks and grasslands.

Kunti Betta Treks


The Savandurga hills are located 60 kms from Bangalore and are situated at an altitude of 1,226 metres. Savandurga is enclosed with dense forests and you’ll need a proper guide to visit there or else you might lose your way.

Savandurga hills


Ramanagara is well-known for its representation in the popular movie Sholay. The place is situated 50 kms from Bangalore and consists of huge rocks and boulders. You can perform several adventure activities such as rock climbing, rope traversing and rappelling over there.

Ramanagara Rock Climbing