Journal #3

A gift that I received that had no cost at all would have to be when my dad and my mom split up for the first time and how my dad walked into my room and told me that he would always be there for me. No matter what. I was in 6th grade when my dad had told me that, and to this day he has been here for me for whatever it is that I need. Whether it is a hug or a talk or even some sort of item. My dad’s word of always being there for me is definitely a big gift I received because my life has been extremely rocky and even before my parents split up my life was depressing, so when my parents split up it had heavily affected me, but no matter what I knew my dad would always be there for me. The night my dad had walked into my room and told me he would always be there for me, I had watched him put things in boxes and move them into his car a few hours before. I was not sure what was going on. I honestly just thought he was getting rid of things that he no longer wanted so that he could make room inside his closet, but as soon as I saw him loading his computer, which he adored so much, I knew something was wrong. Negative assumptions started to run through my head, but not once did I ever think my parents would be splitting up. My heart was pounding. My hands began to sweat. When my dad walked into my room that night I remember my mom being in the kitchen cooking and my brothers in the living room waiting to hug my dad bye. My dad grabbed my homework that I had stopped doing when he walked into my room, and moved it onto the little black couch I had in my room. My dad explained to me how he loved my mom and hopefully him leaving will help fix things with her and we’ll all be able to live together again, but until then he would be picking up my brothers and I every weekend and how he would take us to his new apartment. He tried to describe how nice his new apartment was and how he was planning to buy my brothers and I all these cool things for our room there and all the new places we could go to and adventure, but I instantly started crying so he could not finish whatever else he wanted to say to me. My dad hugged me and told me it was going to be fine, and that no matter what he would always be here for me. He was just one phone call away. I remember how I walked into the living room with my dad balling my eyes out, but my brothers showed no signs of being sad what so ever. I thought they didn’t care about him leaving, but I was wrong. After we walked my dad to his car and watched his car leave the driveway we all walked inside and cried in our rooms.

Over the years my dad has kept his word. He was always one phone call away, and he still is. My dad is always there for me. For whatever I need. I have probably disappointed my dad so many times, but no matter what he has always been here for me. I am now in 11th grade and my parents are now back together. So to specify a gift that I had received that had no cost at all would be the trust, loyalty, and unconditional love that my dad has given me over the years.